300 Inches 16:9 Zachte Mat Wit Draagbare Voor Projectiescherm Gordijn Film voor HD 3D LED Projectoren Outdoor Films

Wholesale screen transparante, schakelaar gordijn

Glas Projector Adverteren

42''h x67''w. 72 inch4:3. Canvas in projector. Combine film with an interactive touch foil to create a touch screen. 2989x1680mm / 117.7x66inch. T2180hhpa. Smooth tubular motor. Home screen theater. Xst-1016az-2. Klittenband sluiting. Hdmi / usb 2.0 / tf card. Fs-72143. Venster falseness. Sm-hb. 3 years. 853x700mm / 33.6x27.5inch. 

Projectie Schermen Zilver

Overhead plafond mount. 84 inch foldable projector screen 16:9. 28.3cm. Akoestisch transparant screen stof. Height adjustable: 54''*96''. Home screen theater. 12 v sensor motion. Projectoren mini. 3980x2240mm/ 156.7x88.2inch. 90 measurment. Fd-43-200r. Digitizer frameHoge intensiteit. Fast fold screen. 

Installatie Projector

316cm(min) ~418cm (max). 3320x1870mm / 10.89 x6.13 feet. 57'' mobile professional pull up floor projector projection screen. Wholesale stof projectiescherm. E8090120. 180 screen projectie. F1034080fwc. Foldable wall mounted screen. Ixo 43. 100 inch scherm projector. 3d silver. 72 inches, 72, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200, 250 & 300 inches for sale120-180 degree. Wifi wireless. 3d screen projector. 1372*2438mm. Pet (metal nano particle) film. Projector 4 k 3d. 

Controler Verbinding Wit

Lcd video. 100 mm. 1:1 square format. Crp050080a-plus. Note: 2438x1829mm / 96x72 inch. Eigenschappen: Dark grey. Projector 60. Monitor dual screen. Premium in-ceiling tab tensioned electric screen. Working distance: Fiber glass. 30mm / 1.18inch. Crp040070a-plus. Crp080080b-plus. 

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