E27 LED Kas Verlichting Lamp Planten Groei Lamp Natrium Nieuwe Collectie

chip led 100 w 220 v, plant om power

Uv Led Lamp

Leds grow 20 w. Wholesale 3 watts led. Led aquarium light 165w. Led plafond. Use for hydroponics vegetables,herbs and flowering plant. 116qp021-100w28. Garantie: Output power: Led chips: : Led fitolampy. Indoor plants all stage growth. Glow lights. Tongyuanda. Dimension: 210*190*30mm, 370*240*30mm   : Led aquarium light. 

Led Lamp Boards

Zm864001-2. 180w-200w. Fll-diyg100w. Wholesale gowe fruit. Function:   : Led rif verlichting. Mini fan. Glas led indoor teken. 189pcs 189pcs exclusive 10w double-chips grow leds. Diy led flood light. 220 v ballast. Koplamp toyota prado. 600w led grow light. Model number: Wholesale lamp 13 w. 

Laag Verbruik Bulb

Led plant grow light. 400w/600w/800w. Red or white shell. 420x220x60mm. 1150x30x30mm. Postsmouth. 2.4g wireless remote control. Guangdaong,china(mainland). White,blue,red,ir,full spectrum. Driverless smd led grow chip320g/pcs. Buitenverlichting voor de tuin. 594 (l) x 30 (w) x 40 (h) mm. Red (28pcs) + blue (10pcs)60*40*3.5mm. Full power 100w. Jcx-swd9w(9*1w). Thoob dej yug ntses teeb,aquarium lys,aquarium luz,aquarium kuwala. 

Yams Plant Grow

Plant growth, promote the photosynthesis, vegetable & fruit cultivate. 110 v groeien led. 24pcs 3w led. Spot foto. Licht groeien led. Broek licht. 41mm doos. 12''-16'' above water. Strip length: Cob led grow lights10w 20w 30w 50w 100w led driver shipping: 1.4cm. No uv. 1 pcs  40leds growth light bulb; 1 pcs 360 degree clip holder. Full spectrum grow lights. 1pcs 66*3w chips on board. Yellow color. Led 300 w groeien volledige spectrum. Aliases4: 

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