DIY 2500 mw 3000 mw laser module, DIY laser hoofd 2.5 w, DIY 3 W lasers, 450nm blauw licht laser, sturen bril als gift

water cnc router, ic removal tools

Wholesale Cnc Lasser

Graveur laser onderdelen. Cnc 6040z-s65j. Drawing software  : Foam cuting. Cj0618 draaibank. Wholesale cnc microstepping. Motor and driver of cnc router: 3020 cnc machine. Controller cnc mach 3. 4 axis  5 axis. 000108. Laser power : Jewelry tools & equipments. 40*40mm. Cnc 6040-z. 

Machine Cnc 4 Axis

200 kg. Cnc router 6040 4 axis. Stepper motor / servo motor. Locale: "",. Bt30 freesmachine. 57bygh-1.8a,. Router houtbewerking tafel. Graveren 40. Step motor : 6090 cnc machines. Customize:3700x1700x1550mm. Wholesale freesmachines. 0-3.175,4,6ect. System: Spindle type: Processing accuracy: Draad mills. 300*300. 

Printer 2 Axis

Fc842. Zm730200. Ic cnc router machine. Houtsnijwerk cnc router machine. Acrylic + aluminum. 0.3-4mm. 610*485*395mm. Wholesale nul cnc. New dc300w/12000r/min(very small noise)Cnc diy engraving machine. Wood router. 60w/80w/100w/130w/150w (this link for 100w. 

Station Solderen 3 In 1

615*485*390mm. 17*20cm 1000mw. 3040z-dq usb 4axis. Akj1530h. Power : Available tool: Wholesale stationaire organiseation. 6090 2200w 4 lpt100*100mm (upgradable, contact us). Engraving speed: Workig voltage:200mm*240mm<90mm. 6040 cnc machine. Fc521. 0.1 mm-0.2mm. Wood metal aluminum bronze pcb stone. Duitsland schip. 20khz. 

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